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409 Studios Pictures and Media

This is where general pictures and videos will be posted throughout the school year. Sports pictures will be posted in the associated team pages. Please use the links below to learn more about 409 Studios and how to get involved!

Student holding a camera


Enjoy pictures from this year and past years!


Student filming


Watch performances from pep rallies, halftimes, and more!


Students posing by the lion statue

409 Studios Members

Meet the students who work hard to showcase CHS!


About Us

409 Studios is the name given to the production team created in room 409 at Covington High. It began in 2005 when teacher Richard "Vance" Lynch asked to include a new class, Multimedia Productions, into his schedule. The rest, as they say, is history! Currently, 409 studios offers courses in media production and photography. In addition, students have the opportunity to obtain several Adobe certifications, such as the Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Please see what Covington High's 409 Studios can offer you!


An Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) credential certifies that individuals have the entry-level skills to plan, design, build and maintain effective communications using different forms of digital media. For students enrolled in some TOPS Tech Pathways, a certification is also required for high school graduation. The following courses prepare students for certification:

Digital Media I. Grades 9-12- 1 year elective. Prepares students for the Adobe Certified Associate: Photoshop certification.

Digital Media II. Grades 9-12- 1 year elective. Prepares students for the Adobe Certified Associate: Premiere Pro certification.

Completion of both Photoshop and Premiere gives the student the "Adobe Certified Professional: Video Design Specialist" certificate as well as a cord at graduation. Note that either course can be taken as a freshmen; they do not have to be taken in order.


In the fall of 2014, Covington High School installed a video scoreboard thanks to the efforts of the CHS Athletic Association, Boosters Club and several local-area sponsors. Through it, Covington High is giving its students a tremendous opportunity: to create ads and to run the Jumbotron itself! Students in 409 Studios are eligible to join the "Jumbotron crew" and participate in either or both of the services listed below. If you are a Covington High student interested in joining the Jumbotron crew, then sign up for either Digital Media I or II as soon as possible!

Jack Salter Stadium Video Scoreboard Advertising

Students in the Digital Media III course create videos and run the scoreboard during events involving the football field. We can create advertisements to be shown at home football games, district soccer games, and track meets, or display existing ads for your company. Please contact Dionne Thigpen if you would like to advertise with us!

Running the Jack Salter Stadium Video Scoreboard

A team of media students also serve as the camera crew during games, including running the videos and instant replay from the pressbox. The Varsity crew runs the scoreboard during Varsity football games and special events. The Junior Varsity crew runs it during the freshmen and JV football games. The Varsity Soccer crew runs the Jumbotron on men's and women's home soccer games. The JV crew gives students an opportunity to train to become future varsity members, or to allow students who have other responsibilities during varsity games (football players, cheerleaders, etc) an opportunity to learn the system.

JV and Varsity Football Crew

Students posing by the lion statue

Varsity Soccer Crew

Students posing by the lion statue

Volleyball, Basketball, Track Crews

Students posing by the lion statue

Join Us

If you are interested in doing photography or video work for Covington High, enroll in Digital Media I or II as soon as possible to learn the necessary skills required.  After that, talk to your counselor or Mr. Lynch to learn about the opportunities offered!