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Dress Code

Covington High students are not required to wear uniforms. Students are required to follow all district and school dress code policies.

Providing an effective learning environment for all students includes expectations that students are well-kept, dressed and groomed in a manner that permits them to actively participate in school and that does not distract the education process. Student dress and grooming are not to adversely affect the student's participation in classes, school programs, or other school-related activities. Student dress and grooming are not to cause a distraction to the learning environment. Extremes in style and fit in student dress and extremes in style of grooming will not be permitted. School administrators maintain the right to determine extremes in styles of dress and grooming and appropriateness and suitability for school wear. Information on the School System Uniform Policy is available on the System Web site at

A violation of student dress regulations is a Group 2 offense in the Code of Conduct and results in disciplinary action that includes suspension.

Policies regarding dress and grooming stress the importance of reducing distractions that inhibit learning and are addressed as an attempt to enhance the safe learning environment. Final interpretation of the dress code and violations rest solely with administration.

Dress Code Requirements for ALL students:

Body piercing ornaments are limited to the ears only. No facial rings/piercings are allowed. Extremes are not allowed.

*No student may wear, possess, use, distribute, display, or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, blade, symbols, sign or other things that are evidence of affiliation in any gang.

An acceptable, well-groomed haircut will be required of male students. Styles never should be such that they represent a collective or individual protest.

Hair - Hair must be clean. Sculptured hair styles that include pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, or hair in curlers, rollers, or excessively teased, etc., will not be permitted.

Facial Hair - Male students in grades 9-12 may wear a neatly trimmed mustache, beard, or goatee.

*Mohawks or extreme sculptured styles are not allowed. Styles never should be such that they represent a collective or individual protest. Any pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, etc. shaved into the hair will not be permitted.

*Hoods are NEVER allowed inside any school building. They are not to be worn on campus during regular school hours except outdoors in inclement weather when absolutely necessary.

*Students are not allowed to wear tank tops, muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts, or undershirts as outer garments. Under garments that are visible are not acceptable; this includes athletic shorts worn under pants. Shoulders are to be completely covered.

*Any article of clothing with suggestive/profane symbols, words, or advertisements of products or substances prohibited by the St. Tammany Parish School Board is prohibited. Sex, drug, or alcohol related innuendos or graphic tees are strictly prohibited. Styles never should be such that they represent a collective or individual protest.

*No see-through or sheer shirts are permitted, and no skin may show at the waistline between the bottom garment and top garment in any position. Crop tops and shoulder exposed shirts or “off the shoulder” shirts are not allowed.

*Females must not have any area of chest or cleavage exposed.

*All caps, hats, hair wraps, stocking caps, hoods, head scarves, and bandannas are banned from school campus during school hours. Head bands must be used in the hair and not wrapped on forehead nor may they be of the bandanna type material.

*Shorts, skorts, skirts, and dresses must not be more than 5 inches above the top of the knee for males and females. If walking or sitting causes shorts or skirts to rise to more than five inches above the knee, then it is a violation.

*Tights worn as pants or leggings must not be sheer or see-through (no level of sheer accepted). If undergarments can be seen through the leggings, then the student must change. If a shirt, sweater, or jacket is worn as a cover up, the shirt underneath, if visible, should fall below the waistline of the leggings and completely covering mid drift.

*Pajamas, robes, or blankets are banned. If student is cold natured, dress appropriately and keep a jacket handy.

*Pants and shorts must clearly sit or be secured at waist level, with no undergarments revealed.[Note: An undergarment is anything worn under the outer layer of clothing and includes underwear, tights, shorts, etc.]

*Pants torn or excessively worn at the knee, pocket, thigh, or hip areas are considered extreme and are not allowed. No skin should ever be visible more than 5 inches above the knee and includes tears in pants.

*Flip-flops, slippers, backless “between the toe” sandals, or slides are not permitted. These type shoes are easily stepped on during passing between classes and are often broken. They can also cause accidents when stepped on causing students to trip and/or cause hallway congestion or injury.

*Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building at any time.

*St. Tammany Parish students in grades 9-12 are required to wear student school I.D. or temporary ID visible above the waist during regular school hours.

Each morning during the first block of time, teachers will send any student suspected of violating the dress code to Room 117 for a dress code check. An attempt will be made to notify parents each time a student is in violation of the dress code. If student can become compliant, he/she may return to class. If not, he/she will remain in ISS. See discipline section for consequences to dress code violations. If in doubt, do not wear it.