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Agricultural Science

Ag Science Course Descriptions

AgriScience I – Universal Pathway Elective- 1 year elective

Grades 9-12

Basic introductory information is offered in the following subject areas: Introduction to general Louisiana agriculture, FFA leadership and orientation, animal science, plant science, soil science, FFA contest, vegetable gardening, basic agricultural mechanics (shop safety, arc welding), and hunter safety education. Note: Successful completion of Agriscience I is a prerequisite elective credit to Agriscience II. Taken in this sequence – Agriscience II may serve as a third science credit for graduation. AgriScience I is also a prerequisite for NCCER Core.

AgriScience II- 1 year elective

Grades 9 -12, Prerequisite:  AgriScience I

This course builds on basic information taught in Agriscience I in the following areas: FFA leadership, basic parliamentary procedures, soil science, plant science, basic agriscience mechanics (shop safety, electricity, plumbing, welding, oxy-fuel cutting, concrete, basic tool fitting, tractor safety, maintenance and operation), vegetable gardening, greenhouse production, FFA contest, and boating safety education.

NOTE:  Successful completion of Agriscience/Agribusiness II substitutes for one unit of required science.

AgriScience III (The Agri-Technology IBC can be earned in this class.) - 1 year elective

Grades 10, 11, 12, Prerequisite:  AgriScience I, II

Plant and Animal Science are the major components of Ag III here at Covington High. Using agriculture as the learning vehicle, the course emphasizes the principles, central concepts and interrelationships among the following topics: Using the Scientific Method; Demonstrating writing skills; Comparative relationships of plant and animal nutrition, diseases and health; Evolution of plants and animals; Genetics; Comparative analysis of major body organs; Cellular biology; Food safety, food preservation, food production, food preparation; appreciation of the role of the FFA and its opportunities.

AgriScience IV (Ag Leadership)- 1 year elective

Grades 11, 12, Prerequisite:  AgriScience I, II, & III

The purpose of this course is to assist students in developing their knowledge, attitudes, skills and aspirations regarding leadership development in an agricultural setting or provide them with the beginning foundation for any setting. The goal of this course is to encourage students to be knowledgeable, caring, decision makers. Students in our program desiring to develop and expand their leadership skills are encouraged to take this course. Students will find opportunities to further develop their organizational skills by interacting not only with other class members, but with other organizations, groups, and activities. Students are in charge of club and school activities, and are responsible for successfully organizing, conducting, and evaluating the activities.