Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

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What is PBIS?


Covington High School has a Positive Behavior Intervention Support program outlined to encourage student achievement. Students are to take Personal
esponsibility In Developing Excellence (Lions take P.R.I.D.E). These expectations are posted throughout the school.

Be Safe    Be Responsible        Be Respectful       Be Positive

Students can earn Lion Bucks based on these expectations and can spend the Lion bucks on activities throughout the semester.


The School System has a District Discipline Plan that was adopted using a model master plan from the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and was designed to promote an effective learning environment in our schools. As part of this parish plan, each school has a discipline plan that includes the expectations of a program known as Positive Behavior Support (PBS). A PBS Team at each school analyzes relevant data to develop effective interventions to help ensure good conduct at school. The overall, systemic goal of PBS is to provide a positive climate within each school and ultimately lower the number of behavior concerns. Improving student conduct means higher student achievement, higher school performance scores, and greater overall success of the students in St. Tammany Parish.

PBIS and You

Ten Ways to be a Good Student
Come to school everyday Have your supplies ready
Have materials organized  Pay attention in class
Complete assignments on time Follow directions
Ask for help when needed Participate in class activities
Follow all school rules Always try to do your best

Lion Buck Information

Lion Bucks are awarded to students for taking Personal Responsibility in Developing Excellence by demonstrating our school’s Positive Behavior expectations.  The Behavior Expectations are as follows:

Be Safe    Be Responsible        Be Respectful       Be Positive

Students may redeem their Lion Bucks in numerous ways including, but not limited to school-wide and / or classroom incentives.  Some incentives in the past have included ice cream, pizza, freeze pops, snowballs, and leaving class a few minutes early to go to lunch. 

When a student uses a Lion Buck, it is turned in for a quarterly drawing in which one lucky student receives an additional prize.  Teachers are also rewarded for giving out Lion Bucks.  The teacher’s name on the Lion Buck selected in the drawing also gets a prize. 

PBIS is fortunate to have the support of local business owners who generously donate prizes, coupons, gift certificates, and incentives to help our entire school community to improve student achievement, success, and involvement through positive behavior support.

Student PBIS Achievements

CHS Visits CES

Covington High recently visited Covington Elementary for there PBIS Day!

Posted: 01-31-17

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