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The year 2003 brought about many changes in Covington High School. The school year started out with a leap toward improving Scores. School-wide changes were made to allow the academic teachers to focus on improving student test scores. Many, many meetings among faculty members were held to work toward improvement.

In the spring, Mrs. Cronin retired and Mr. Danny Guillory was hired as principal. Mr. Guillory was a former Math teacher and had been assistant principal in charge of discipline for 3 years. Mr. Guillory's main focus was to finish out the school year making a smooth transition. He developed a plan with the focus on bringing the faculty together on a positive note.

The war in Afghanistan and Iraq began and was led by President Bush. President Bush was born and raised in Crawford, Texas. President Bush confirmed the strikes on national television, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair also addressed the nations with the news that Taliban military and terrorist training grounds would be targeted. Food, medicine, and supplies would be dropped to the starving men, women,and children. The states purpose of the invasion of Iraq was to capture Osama Bin Laden, destroy Al-Qaeda, and remove the Taliban regime which had provided support and safe harbor to Al-Qaeda. The war removed the Taliban from power in much of Afghanistan. Since the invasion of Afghanistan, the war has been less successful in achieving the goal of restricting Al-Qaeda's movement. Since the invasion, Afghanistan has become less stable due to increased warlord and Taliban activity, growing illegal drug production, and a fragile government with limited control outside of Kabul. Osama Bin Laden has been living in Afghanistan along with other members of Al-Qaeda, operating terrorist training camps in a loose alliance with the Taliban.


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Another historic event occurred on August 29, 2005, just after school was opened for that year. A Category 4 hurricane entered the Gulf of Mexico, and it was named Katrina. Katrina caused Covington High School to close for the entire month of September with a reopening on Monday, October 3rd. Many suffered the loss of their homes and businesses because of the storm. The streets had to be cleared of rubble and downed trees before the school busses could run their routes to pick up children. Many had to evacuate, and many students from the New Orleans and St. Bernard areas came to school at CHS when it reopened. At least 100 students from Andrew Jackson High, Chalmette High, Sarah T. Reed, and others started school at Covington High because their schools would not open until months later.

In the beginning of the summer of 2007 CHS began construction on the new library. In had come to the attention of the administrators that students were using the internet more often than books to find information. It became their hope that the students would use the library more if it were expanded with more sources and if more computers were able to be accessed. Fontleroy and Latham are the contractors for the new library which will be done sometime in 2008. Also in the begining of 2007, Fontleroy and Latham began the construction on the front of the school and the parking lot so buses and teachers would have more room to park at school.


In the year 2006 - 2007 Covington High started demolition of the Roller Kingdom that had burned down next door to the CHS property. Speculations were made as to what would be built next door, but no one knows for sure. The property was purchased by the school board with a bond issue that was voted in by the Covington community. Fortunately for Covington High, this has created room for expansion for the next decade. With continous growth of the school and community, the property will be avaiable for a much needed facility.

Also in the year 2006 - 2007, the school board brought the PRP or Senior Project to CHS. The Senior class of 2007 was the first to present their projects while underclassmen only had to begin to gather their information for their research paper. The PRP is supposed to start in the ninth grade and continue through your senior year. In starting the senior project, one must gather a topic question, thesis statment, out line, proposal, report (research paper), at least seven annotated sorces, journals, and a facalty mentor (academic endorsments are optional). After all of the information is collected it will be put into a portfolio for the last step in the project which is the presentation in the senior year.


Mr. Guillory

  • Undergraduated degree in mathematics from UNO
  • Degree in Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Proudest accomplishment - receiving a higher education
  • Math teacher Mandeville High School 1990-1998
  • Assistant Principal Covington High School 1999-2003
  • Principal Covington High School 2003-Present Day

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