In the late 1990's, technology became the main focus at Covington High School. Many programs were instituted in those years to bring the students, and teachers up-to-date with computers and technological programs.

Fashion designers looked to the past to create the newest trends in clothing. Calf-length skirts and capri pants, elbow length shirts, carpenter pants, and chunky shoes were seen everywhere. There was much discussion at CHS and schools throughout the parish to move to wearing school uniforms. Several of the feeder schools of Covington High School had adopted the wearing of uniforms. Those schools were Folsom Jr. High, Fifth Ward Jr. High, Lee Road Consolidated, Madisonville Jr. High, and William Pitcher Jr. High.


World events that took place during the 90's included a new Democratic President, William Jefferson Clinton. Due to scandal, Clinton became only the 2nd president in history to be impeached. John Glenn, at the age of 77, took his second space voyage aboard the shuttle Discovery. Saddam Hussein continued to frustrate and restirct U.N. arms inspectors. The United States and Great Britain joined forces in a strike against military targets in Iraq. And, the Pope visited the United States and Mexico.

Many trends in Technology began to occur. The Volkswagon "Beetle" returned to the production line. Apple introduced its new iMac computer. However, the Covington High Technology team began to phase out the Macintosh and old Apple IIe's and decided to go strictly PC. The Internet was introduced into the classroom and the whole school moved from copying memos to sending e-mail. There was an effort made to supply every teacher at CHS with a computer in their classroom to send and receive e-mail and do their grades.

Covington High teachers began to do all grades and attendance on the St. Tammany Parish School Board Server. "STI" as it was known was the quick and easy way to track student grades. CHS was the pilot school for this software program. The teachers took to it instantly.

The Internet quickly became a tool that teachers and students couldn't do without. Covington High School brought the Internet into the classroom by purchasing its own server. The Computer Science Academy students under the guidance of Mr. Dewitt Perry, strung wires and installed hubs throughout the school. Efforts were made to buy new software. There was a strong concern to buy virus protection software for all of the computers.

With the movement of Internet in the schools, the school board made the necessary capital improvements to provide all schools in the parish with access to the Internet. Then, Covington High School moved to using the School Board server. Covington High School was given space on the School Board server to house their webpage. Students began learning webpage design and created the Covington High School Website themselves.


During the late 1990s and early years of the new century, a need arose for a new science building. Again, technology was beginning to change the way classes were taught and Covington High School had to keep up. New state-of-the-art science equipment was purchased and chemistry and physics classes were allowed to move into the new science wing of the school.


Mrs. Cronin decided, as principal, to start a broadcasting academy. The Communications Academy was begun with technology funds and a class was created for students to work on local and national news. The work was begun with the intention to broadcast to the entire school over the television cable connection.

The students learned that work at a news desk was rewarding. The goal was to have broadcasts at least once weekly. Usually the broadcast was on Friday mornings with the school adopting a new schedule to allow the team time during the class day.

Mrs. Cronin was excellent in hosting many visiting teams who came in to look at the new school programs that she was instrumental in bringing to Covington High School. In the year 2002, even a team of Russian businessmen came to visit to see how a high school was run in America. They were hoping to take some ideas back to their own country.

During Mrs. Cronin's first year as principal, she contracted with artist Jack Ackers to design a Covington High School Lion poster. Mr. Ackers did the artwork of the lion along with the school crest and mortise board of graduating seniors. Many students and faculty members ordered their copy and it was also used as retirement gifts.


Betty Cronin

  • Social Studies Teacher Covington Junior High School 1970 - 1978
  • Counselor William Pitcher Junior High School 1978 - 1981
  • Business Education Teacher Covington High School 1981 - 1982
  • Counselor Covington High School 1982 - 1991
  • Assistant Principal Covington High School 1992 - 1995
  • Principal Covington High School 1996 - 2003

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Covington High School made a major change in the early years of the new century. The football stadium which was formerly known as "The Cow Palace" was set to have a name change. Final approval for this was in the hands of the State Legislature. Richard Tanner, a former Covington High School teacher and Assistant Superintendant of the St. Tammany Parish School board, asked the board to request the name change for the stadium to the "Jack Salter Stadium." It was the custom within the state that buildings were only to be named in honor of a person after their death. However, Dianne Winston presented the resolution, and in 2001 the state legislators voted to honor living legends for public dedications.


It was decided that the name of the stadium was to be the "Jack Salter Stadium." This was to honor the former head football coach who coached the Lions to their first state championship in 1976. This was a great honor for former coach Jack Salter and there was a dedication during one of the home football games. The community was 100% behind honoring Coach Salter with this name change.


Coach Salter had coached the Lion football team for 25 years and had such a following from the Covington football fans. He and the Lions of 1976 would certainly go down in history. Coach Salter was indeed humbled by this expression of love and appreciation from the community. He was responsible not only for building a state championship football team in 1976, but also for building pride and belonging with the community of Covington, Louisiana.

During the year 2001, Mrs. Cronin took a sabbatical. To fill in as principal was Coach Jack Loup. Coach Loup was part of the coaching team who worked with Jack Salter in coaching the Lions football team to the 1976 State Championship.

Coach Loup was also involved in other programs at Covington High School such as Community Education. It has been said that Covington High School never stops. There are always classes being taught--day and night. Many adults were involved in classes and the Community Education program was very beneficial to the community.

Jack Loup


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