"Where the Magic Happens"

a phrase coined by Principal Katherine Boeschchs

What is it about CHS that gives students the inspiration to stay in school? What is that mysterious something that keeps teachers smiling and eager to teach?

The answer to these questions is simply the combination of teachers and students? It is the caring concern of the teachers and the hard-working attitude of the students that make the magic happen at CHS. Without teachers to help organize clubs, CHS wouldn't have any extracurricular activities to keep them going.

And, of course, without the students, CHS wouldn't have anybody to participate in those extracurricular activities? "CHS just gets better as the years go by. The magic continues?" This was the theme for the year that the faculty, staff, and students could focus on. The center of this theme was "Teaching and Learning." And, indeed, the magic began to happen at Covington High School during the 1990's


Part of the magic at CHS during this decade came with other programs that were started in the school. Project Graduation was one very positive program that called for much community involvement. It was a way to keep the graduating seniors in one place after the ceremonies to keep them safe and having fun while they were together for one last time.

The 1994 graduating class was the first in CHS history to participate in Project Graduation. This is a celebration where seniors party till dawn while eating, playing games, and winning prizes. Games included calf roping, line dancing, spacewalk, volleyball, etc. Some of the prizes included money, TV's, jewelry, walkmans, VCR's, microwaves, and lots more. The all night celebration was held in the Covington Community Center. Many parents, teachers, and graduating seniors called it a huge success.

Another positive program that started in 1995 was the "High Schools That Works" program. This program was meant for Covington High School. It was meant to prepare the students for the world of work. The focus was for the student to develop a career path in high school that would help them become employable upon graduation. The career path had to have a major field of study with a concentration of electives in a certain area. New courses were designed for the student to take such as Career Orientation. Covington High School's plan included developing Academies for the students to participate.

The Academies became very popular with the students. Some of the Academies were the "Allied Health Academy," "Computer Science Academy," and the "Culinary Arts Academy." Internships were offered to students in their senior year for those who participated in the academies.

Covington High School started a "Senior Success Fest" with collaboration from other schools in the area. The other schools brought young students to Covington High to experience a fun time with the Covington High School Band and Senior Class. This joint effort really paid off in the community togetherness that existed in the Covington area.


Another program that was added to Covington High School was the Naval ROTC program. This was another very positive addition to learning at CHS. Students participating got to wear Naval uniforms. They got to study history and leadership from the navy point of view. This opened up new avenues for students to focus on what they were going to do upon graduation.

Mrs. Katherine Boesch filled in as Principal when Mrs. Massoth took a sabbatical. She served her first full year as principal in 1991.


Katherine Boesch

  • Graduated Holy Angels Academy New Orleans- 1960
  • Bachelor's Degree Southeastern Louisiana University - 1973
  • Masters Degree Southeastern Louisiana University - 1980
  • Classroom Teacher Mandeville High School - 1973 - 1984
  • Social Studies Curriculum Specialist St. Tammany Parish Schools - 1984
  • Assistant Principal Covington High School - 1986
  • Principal Covington High School - 1990 - 1997

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There was a plan for more school expansion. In 1994-95 a new Math building was in the making. Included with the construction of the math wing would be offices for counselors. Since the school population was increasing dramatically due to the rapid growth of St. Tammany Parish, an addition to the cafeteria was also in the making. The rapid growth during the prosperous economic times of the 1990s definitely carried over into the need for capital improvements at Covington High School.

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This growth also included the addition of the 9th grade to be added to Covington High School in 1995. The plan for the parish was to have all high schools include the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. From the 1970's Covington High School had only 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. The additional students added to Covington High School created many growth problems. Some of the teachers had to float around the school from classroom to classroom using carts. Computer labs were set up in portable buildings. P.E. classes had to rotate and share facilities. The student body and faculty certainly had growing pains.

In the later part of 1996 and into 1997, Mrs. Boesch took a sabbatical and Mrs. Cronin filled in for her. Mrs. Betty Cronin had been an assistant principal and former business teacher and guidance counselor at Covington High School. Mrs. Cronin saw the need to build the technology program at CHS. This was certainly in keeping with the trends in schools and business during the 1990's.

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