A New Age:


"These are the best years of your life"
as spoken by Mr. Bankston.

Covington High School experienced phenominal growth during the 1980's. Little did the teachers, administrators, and students know of the fast approaching computer age. Computer Science classes were instituted. Electric typewriters were becoming obsolete.


The space age and the knowledge in the world were causing many institutions to fail. The administrative leadership of the school was in for a change. Mr. Wagner moved on to work at the school board level in 1981 and Mr. Terry Bankston became the new CHS principal.

1982-83 was Mr. Terry Bankston's first full year as principal of Covington High School and CHS students were lucky to have a man of his calibre. Under his leadership Covington High School continued to make progress in providing CHS students with a quality education. The Louisiana Library Association honored Mr. Bankston as the Outstanding Educator of the Year, and the students considered "Mr. B." as "the best."

During the years of Mr. Bankston, or as he was known by his students as "Mr. B.," many changes occurred in the world and at the facility of Covington High School.

Throughout 1985 and early 1986, various terrorist actions were committed in Europe. Headlines were filled with the tragic news of bombings, hijackings, and shootings. Evidence was found that these terrorists had been trained in Libya.

A Soviet meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant spread dangerous amounts of radiation around the world. America mourned over the crash of the Challenger space shuttle. Among the crew members of the Challenger was a teacher, who would have been the first civilian in space, named Christa McAuliffe. Computers started appearing in classrooms. CHS was entering a new age of technology.


And closer to home, Superintendent of schools Cyprian J. Schoen died unexpectedly at the age of fifty-seven. He died shortly after stepping down from eighteen years of "dedicated service to the school children of St. Tammany parish." This quote was spoken by Richard Tanner, who filled in as Superintendent of schools.

tennis clear ag comp tennis2

Growth at Covington High School was evident in the construction of the tennis courts. Yards and yards of concrete was required to construct the tennis court and one entire day was spent on pouring. Members of the agriculture department cleared the land in preparation of their new facility. They helped cut and burn many piles of trees and debris for the construction of their gardens and barn.

The Lion football team had gotten their new stadium built in the rear of the property in 1977. Now it was time to work on other facilities such as the tennis courts, baseball field, and agriculture barn.


Terry Bankston

  • History Teacher - 1964 Covington Jr. High
  • Assistant Principal - 1969 Covington Jr. High
  • Principal - 1973 Covington Jr. High
  • Principal - 1978 William Pitcher Jr. High
  • Principal - 1981 Covington High School
  • Superintendent of St. Tammany Parish - 1987

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