1976 State Championship Football team

The new Covington High School opened in the Fall of 1975 to perhaps its best year ever. Little did everyone know how the new school was going to pull everything together.

The original building quickly became too small. About 1000 students were enrolled in class during those first years at the new school. The coaches had the gymnasium for Physical Education classes, volleyball, and basketball.

However, the football team had to continue to use the old stadium facility on Jefferson Street in Covington.

The old Covington High School was converted into the much needed Junior High School named William Pitcher Junior High. The stately oak trees remained at the front entrance of the school and later a new building was put in place of the old building that burned.

The teachers were happy to move into new classrooms with state-of-the-art features that they never experienced before. Unlike the make-shift old classrooms that they had been working in, they were able to hear announcements, bells, and firealarms like never before. They were able to communicate with the office administration much easier and assemblies brought the student body together because they could be held in the new gym in the center of the school.

Past problems were forgotten with the new spirit that developed within the faculty, administration, and student body. There was team spirit within the coaching staff like never before. The coaching staff, lead by Jack Salter, experienced a growth and rejunivation and it carried over to the team. That year, 1976, Covington High School Football won it's first State Championship beating the Istrouma Indians.

With the football team winning the state championship, there was a need for a new stadium. The Lions had indeed earned the priveledge of building a new stadium at the site of the new school. There was plenty of land behind the school to build the stadium. The plan included a track around the football field as was the custom in building a facility that could work for most sporting events; football, track, and soccer games.

Mr. Wagner was principal of Covington High School through it's most turbulent years. He became principal in 1963 and guided the school through the years of integration. He saw the old school burn in 1975 and thus a new era begin. He, also, responded to the need to keep everything together at the old site until the new school was ready the following year.


Mr. Wagner helped bring the school together in the new building in 1975. The football team that year went to the playoffs, but missed winning the state championship. However, in 1976, Covington High School went all the way and won the top spot. The Louisiana High School AAAA Football State Championship was theirs. In 1980 the new stadium or what became known as "The Cow Palace" was ready for use. Coach Jack Salter and the Lion alumni were indeed instrumental in the building of the new stadium.

Louis Wagner

  • Graduated Covington High School 1939
  • Bachelor Degree Louisiana State University - 1943
  • Masters Degree Louisiana State University - 1949
  • History teacher Covington High School 1944 - 1962
  • Principal Covington High School 1963 - 1980
  • Supervisor Transportation and Truancy St. Tammany Parish - 1981 - 1985

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