A New Covington High School:



The marker that was on the old school on Jefferson Avenue was painstakenly moved from the old location to the new location. All had burned and had to be torn down and removed, except for the name plaque, which was salvaged to be used again.

Many local artisans were hired and volunteered time to remove the old and install the new. Moving to the new school was a chore. Many hours were spent transporting items in boxes to the new location on Highway 190 north of Covington.

The school was complete and ready for the start of school in August of 1975. Classrooms were made ready by diligent teachers who spent many hours getting ready for opening day. Athletic programs were not able to completely move to the new site that year. There was no stadium to play football games. The football games had to be held in the old stadium in town on Jefferson Avenue. However, the gym, which was located at the center of the new school building was complete and ready for Physical Education classes.

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