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In order to spread Deaf Awareness at Covington High School, students in Mrs. Suzanne Lynch’s American Sign Language 1 class  created ASL translations of songs played at the football games.  They worked tirelessly to create appropriate glosses and then practiced signing their videos for their teacher.  They edited their videos to include captions and removed the sound in Mr. Vance Lynch’s class, so that the videos could be played simultaneously on the school’s Jumbotron (video scoreboard) as the band played the songs.  For junior varsity and freshman games, the videos will be played with the band’s recorded music so that everyone can enjoy the songs at each home game.  The ASL 1 class has plans to translate more videos in the future so that they can continue to provide equal access to all students and visitors of Covington High School.  The Jumbotron, itself, is also a completely student run program, which is overseen by Mr. Lynch.


Jumbotron Videos


Translated by: Makayla
First Aired: 09-29-17
Translated by: Allison
First Aired: 09-28-18
Translated by: Lexie
First Aired: 09-29-17

Website Videos


Interpreted by: Allison, Emma, Kendal,
Lexie, Makayla, Mercedes