• Senior Year

Status Senior

Hobbies Powerlifting


Last updated May 2017

Andrew is a senior here at Covington. He is involved in powerlifting and is super stronk. Andrew takes photography and likes to take purposely bad pictures of people. He also takes Cisco classes like Networking and Computer Architecture. If you really want you can call him coolguy, supeme overlord biggdude, or supreme overlord coolguy biggdude. He plans to attend LA Tech and get a degree in mechanical engineering and then use that knowledge to build a tank for fun. In his free time Andrew makes music and can actually spit some mean rhymes and bang out some funky beats. His favorite food is spaghetti, no one knows why. His favorite drink is also spaghetti. no one knows how. One time he did a totally sick wheelie on his bike. He is Andrew Biggers... or supreme overlord coolguy bigdude... doens't matter which.