• Senior Year

Status2014 Graduate

Hobbies Photography


*Biography last updated May 2014

Mariah, a senior at Covington High, is an honors student, maintaining a 4.09 GPA with an overall rank of twenty-first in her class. She is enrolled in Honors and Duel Enrollment classes, while continuing to be an involved athlete and student.

Mariah has been a member of the yearbook staff for two years now, and serves as a co-editor her senior year. She is a main photographer for her yearbook and multimedia classes, and has also designed several websites for Covington High’s webpage and continues to assist in maintaining the site.

As a junior, Mariah enrolled in the Website Design class and designed the National Honor Society, Boys soccer, and Girls soccer websites. She was also enrolled in the Digital Media 1 class in which she spent independent study learning Adobe Photoshop and furthering her knowledge of Photography. As a senior, Mariah she continued with Digital Media 2, still doing a lot with photography and now contributing to editing the senior class' highlight video of their time at CHS. She is also now in the Multimedia class where she has filmed and edited a teacher spotlight video and the Girl's Soccer video.

She plans to attend Louisiana State University‘s School of Art, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Photography.¬†

Recognitions and Awards:

2013-2014 Award of Excellence- St. Tammany District PTA in Photography
2013-2014 Award of Excellence- State PTA in Photography