Photography Class Samples

Photography is open to students in all grades and is a year-long elective. Students in the class are required to attend multiple school functions and are responsible for taking all of the pictures you see on the CHS website. In addition, students practice their skills in digital photography and photo manipulation on projects like the ones listed below. This is not an exhaustive list; these are just some of the projects done in class.

Student Portraits

What photography class is complete without practicing portrait pictures? This spring semester project gives students practice making professional-grade portraits through a combination of digital photography and photoshop retouching.


Creativity Project

This project is done in both the fall and spring semester and gives students an opportunity to let their creativity flow! In the fall, the focus is on creativity through the picture alone; the spring semester allows students to use photoshop to take their creativity to new heights!

Fall Semester Samples (no photoshop):


Spring Semester Samples (with photoshop):


Still Life Project

Still life photography is very popular, and we explore this genre in the fall semester. Some basic photoshop is used in this project.


READ Project

The collage project is done in the fall semester with cooperation from the CHS library. Students make posters to be hung around school encouraging people to read.


Slow Shutter Speed Project

This project is done in the fall semester and gives students practice using a camera and a slow shutter speed to create interesting images.



Collage Project

The collage project is one of the first projects done in the fall semester and serves as an introduction to Adobe Photoshop. Students are required to assemble at least fifteen pictures into a themed collage.