Jumbotron Services

In the fall of 2014, Covington High School installed a video scoreboard thanks to the efforts of the CHS Athletic Association, Boosters Club and several local-area sponsors. Through it, Covington High is giving its students a tremendous opportunity- to create ads and to run the jumbotron itself! Students enrolled in Digital Media I and II are elegible to join the "jumbotron crew" and participate in either or both of the services listed below. If you are a Covington High student interested in joining the jumbotron crew, then sign up for either Digital Media I or II as soon as possible.

Jack Salter Stadium Video Scoreboard Advertising

Students in the Digital Media III course create videos and run the scoreboard during events involving the football field. We can create advertisements to be shown at home football games, district soccer games, and track meets, or display existing ads for your company.

If you are interested in advertising with us, please review this contract (pdf)!

See samples of our videos below!

Running the Jack Salter Stadium Video Scoreboard

A team of media students also serve as the camera crew during games, including running the videos and instant replay from the pressbox. The Varsity crew runs the scoreboard during Varsity football games and special events. The Junior Varsity crew runs it during the freshmen and JV games. The JV crew gives students an opportunity to train to become future varsity members, or to allow students who have other responsibilities during varsity games (football players, cheerleaders, etc) an opportunity to learn the system. The Varsity Soccer crew runs the jumbotron on men's and women's home soccer games.

The 2020 Varsity Football Jumbotron Crew


The 2020 Football Crew:
Director: Mr. Lynch
Producer: Lance
Camera Operator: Skylar
Camera Operator: Samantha
Camera Operator: Ellie
Camera Operator:
Camera Operator: Camera Operator:
Photography: Torence Photography: Haileigh
Photography: Emma
Coach Cam: Emerson
Endzome Cam: Dillon  

Pictures of Varsity
and Junior Varsity in action!

The 2020 Junior Varsity Football Jumbotron Crew

The 2020 JV Football Crew:
Producer: Victoria
Producer: Cali
Camera Operator: Skylar
Camera Operator: Haileigh
Camera Operator: Haley
Camera Operator: Savana
Photographer: Samantha Photographer: Shae


The 2020-2021 Soccer Jumbotron Crew


The 2020-2021 Soccer Crew:
Director: Mr. Lynch
Producer: Samantha
Producer: Shae
Camera Operator: Victoria
Camera Operator: Cali
Camera Operator: Savana
Camera Operator: Haley
Camera Operator: Caroline Camera Operator: Bella
Camera Operator: Izzy Coach Camera: Mallory
Photography: Skylar Photography: Haileigh

Pictures of Varsity
and Junior Varsity in action!


Sample Student-Created Ads and Videos:

409 Studios also trains students to create videos advertising the many aspects of Covington High on the jumbotron. We primarily do two series of ads related to Covington High: one set highlights where our alumni are currently (Alumni Series), and another set advertises various aspects of Covington High available to students (CHS Series). We also can create ads for local businesses.

Theme Alumni Series CHS Series
No theme General Alumni Isaiah 1, Isaiah 2
2015 Service at CHS Police 1, Police 2 FCA, NHS
2016 Medical Opportunities Medical 1 CNA
2017 Military Service Military 1, Military 2 NJROTC
2018 Education    
2019 Alumni helping Athletes    
2020 Opportunities at CHS    

Periodically, 409 Studios is asked to create special videos. Below are samples of such videos:

2015 Allie Smith Memorial
2016 Ralph Menetre Tribute

Ultimately, 409 Studios trains students to become video editors, camera operators, and leaders, both on and off the field!