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Teacher Mr. Richard Vance Lynch, IV

Founded May, 2005

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409 Studios: Courses

Photography Courses


Photography I. Grades 9-12- 1 Year Elective. This course serves as an introduction to digital photography. Topics covered include camera settings, photography techniques, and photo editing techniques. Adobe Photoshop will be stressed heavily in class, and students will be tested for Photoshop certification. Course is taught by Mrs. O'Connell.

Photography II. Grades 10-12- 1 Year Elective. This is the follow-up to Photography I. Students attend sports events and theatre productions, and also are the photographers for student portraits. Adobe Photoshop will be stressed heavily in class, and students will be tested for Photoshop certification (if not already certified in Photo I). Students will be required to do a significant amount of out-of-class work, some of which requires transportation. See samples from our Photography II class!

Video Production Courses


Students interested in a career in film/video production should take Multimedia Productions by their sophomore year, in order to meet the pre-requisites for many of these courses.

Multimedia Productions. Grades 9-10- 1 year elective. Introuctory class on video production using Adobe Premiere Pro. Students learn how to create digital multimedia presentations; includes video and sound editing. Projects include creating videos for the CHS website, including the pep rally and halftime show videos. After school work is required. Class intended for 9th and 10th graders.

Digital Media I. Grades 11-12- 1 year elective, passing grade in Multimedia Productions or IBCA recommended. Students prepare for and take the Adobe Premiere Pro certification. Topics include the video creation process (pre-production, production, post-production), copyright, and learning the Premiere Pro interface.

Media Arts I. Grades 11-12- 1 year elective. Pre-Requisites: Multimedia Productions or Digital Media I, teacher approval. The focus of this course is to produce jumbotron-related media, including advertisements and animations. Students will plan and design production sequences then use various forms of digital media to deliver the production on current computer-based authoring/multimedia software. Final projects are shown on the CHS website and the Jack Salter Stadium Video Scoreboard.

Media Arts II. Grade 12- 1 year elective. Pre-Requisites: Media Arts I, teacher approval. Media Arts II is focused on creating the video shown at the annual sunset dinner. Students may also be involved in additional video-related projects, such as the senior "baby video" shown at senior celebration.