Classroom Services

409 Studios assists the school and community in many ways. Among the services we provide to classroom teachers:

Filming teachers

Student teachers often need to be filmed in order to review their teaching methodologies and classroom management techniques. Current educators may need to be filmed for opportunities such as grants or national board certification. Whatever the reason, if you are a teacher who needs a classroom video made, we can help! No charge for student teachers!

Publicizing teachers

Doing a cool classroom project? Have students engaged in a higher-order thinking assignment? Going on a field trip? We're always looking for academic-related events to show off on the school website, in the newspaper, and in the yearbook! Contact Vance Lynch and give us at least one day's notice prior to the event, and we'll send out a photographer (and even video it if you want)! Publicizing CHS events does not cost you anything; we're happy to do it!