STPSB New Teacher Websites

Teachers and all,

We need to log into our new website, create three pages, and let your webmaster know once you are finished! The deadline is August 9th, to be ready to go for August 10th. Hopefully this tutorial will help with any issues that come up. Please use the following pages as a guide on how to set up your teacher websites! (Some images may look different when you are logged in, the teacher websites are constantly being updated.)

Quick Links:

Example Page:

Please scroll down below to begin!

Go to

Choose your school from the list of schools on this page. Click on your name on the faculty page. Once your page opens, choose "LOGIN" in the upper right corner (see Figure 1 below).  Enter your STPPS login information in the login screen that appears. Click "Login" button, accept the terms and your site will open.

To be able to edit your pages, choose “MY ACCOUNT”, then “SITE MANAGER” in the upper right corner (Figure 1). Your site “workplace” will open.

If you can not log in, contact your RHT (non-high-schools) or your webmaster (high schools) for help.

Figure 1

If you are able to successfully log in, choose "My Account" and pick "Site Manager" from the drop-down menu (Figure 1).

This will take you to the screen shown in the image below (Figure 2). Note the circled areas and descriptions; you can ignore most everything else for now:

Figure 2


All teachers and counselors are required to have three pages set up by the start of school. You will need about 30 minutes and a picture of yourself in order to complete the requirements. The picture of yourself should be a professional picture, such as the ones on our IDs or yearbooks. It can not be a goofy picture of you (no costumes, etc). Please have the picture of yourself saved on your computer in an easy-to-find location (desktop perhaps)!

The three required pages are:

  1. Welcome Page
  2. Calendar Page
  3. Assignments Page (For high schools, instead of one Assignments page, you can have one page per subject being taught. Counselors may not need this page?)

Click on the links above to learn how to set up each page!

If you have at least three pages completed (Welcome, Calendar, and at least one Course Assignment page), you are done creating your website! Finally, you need to give your webmaster (for high schools) or your RHT (all other schools) the link to your site!