STPSB New Teacher Websites: Calendar Page

Click on the word "Calendar" and you should go to the following image (Figure 1, click to enlarge). Note the circled areas and descriptions; you can ignore most everything else for now:

Figure 1

Clicking the purple X in the top left will close this window and take you back to your three pages. You can preview your page at any time with the preview button in the top right.

You will notice there are two boxes in the middle of your screen, a spot for some text and the calendar app. The calendar box is outlined in green. Most everything else you can ignore.

To edit one of these boxes, move your mouse over the box and click on the green pencil that appears. Click on the green pencil in the calender box to get started.

The Calendar Itself

When you click on the green pencil, you should see a window that looks like the image below (Figure 2, click to enlarge). Note the circled areas and descriptions; you can ignore most everything else for now:

Figure 2

Follow the instructions in the image. To create an event, double-click a day and you will get the window that appears below (Figure 3):

Figure 3

Enter the Event title (1), select the date/time (note the all-day" option if you need that) (2), add a description (if necessary) (3), and click "Save" at the bottom (4) to put the event into the calendar. You can have multiple dates per day, or an event that spans several days/weeks.

Note that this is YOUR calendar for YOUR classes, not a school calendar. You do not need to enter events like pep rallies, sports games, holidays, etc. You can if you want (and eventually, they should appear on there automatically), but you are not required to put those in. You are only required to enter events for your classes, such as test days, project deadlines, and so forth.

STPSB is requiring us to update our calendar and assignments pages weekly. There is an option in our Assignments page that automatically places assignments on the calendar, so you can save some time by doing that!

Calendar Page Checklist

If all went well, you should now have on your calendar page:

If you like, you can preview it using the preview icon on the top right (shown in Figure 1 at top of this page). Otherwise, we can move on to create the next page!

If you have at least three pages completed (Welcome, Calendar, and at least one Course Assignment page), you are done creating your website! Next, you need to give your webmaster (for high schools) or your RHT (all other schools) the link to your site!