STPSB New Teacher Websites: Assignments Page

For teachers who teach one group of students all day (such as elementary teachers), they will edit the existing Assignments page. For high school teachers, we recommend deleting the current Assignments page and creating one page per subject taught. So if you teach PE I, PE II, and Health, you will end up making three new pages. If you teach Algebra I and Algebra I Honors, you will make two pages.

First, we need to get rid of the current Assignments page (ONLY High School teachers do this!).

Close any open windows and return to this page seen in Figure 1. Notice to the right of the Assignments page, there is an Actions button. Click it, choose to delete the page.

Figure 1

If done correctly, all that should be left will be the Welcome and Calendar pages.

Next, we need to make (at least) one new page. Click on the "New Page" link near the top as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

When you click on New Page, a window comes up. Enter the class name (English III AP, for example), choose "Assignments Page (Default)," and then click "Save and Exit" at the bottom (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Repeat these steps until you have one page per course. If you want one page per class period, you could do that, but I would recommend simply making one page per course you teach. So a teacher teaching four sections of World Geography and two sections of American History would only need to create two pages: one for World Geography and one for American History, not six pages. A teacher teaching two sections of English IV, two sections of English IV Honors, and two sections of English IV AP would want to create one page for English IV, a second for English IV Honors, and a third for English IV AP, not six pages.

(In the graphics below, I happen to teach six different courses, so I have six pages (named by period). Ignore how I set up my pages, and please follow what I suggest above, because when you update your website, it'll be much easier if you only have to update two or three pages instead of one per period.)

Setting up a Page

Next, you will need to put information on each of your course assignment pages. Click on one of your Course Assignments pages, and the window below will appear (Figure 4). Note the circled areas and descriptions; you can ignore most everything else for now:

Figure 4

You should see two text boxes in the middle of the page, one for content and one for assignments. Moving the mouse over a box will cause a green pencil to appear. Click it to edit that box. Let's start with the Content box.

Content and Assignments

The Content box will open up a window to type text. Enter a brief description of the course (it could be one or two sentences, perhaps something out of your course syllabus), and click "Save." Then exit that window.

Next, click on the green pencil that appears when you move your mouse over the Assignments icon. You should see a new window that looks like the one below (Figure 5). Note the circled areas and descriptions; you can ignore most everything else for now:

Figure 5
Figure 5

Figure 6
Figure 6

Figure 7
Figure 7

Follow the instructions in the image. When you click "New Assignment" a new window appears (Figure 6). You will notice three tabs near the top of this window: General, Directions, and Post to Calendar.

  1. The General tab is already open. Here, enter the Assignment title, date assigned (defaults to today), and due date. DO NOT SAVE YET!
  2. After entering the name and dates, click on the Directions button. Type in any specific directions if you want. DO NOT SAVE YET!
  3. Click on the "Post to Calendar" button. Click the "Add to Calendar" box. Choose "Calendar App" from the first drop-down menu. (Figure 7)
  4. NOW SAVE!

By doing step three, you automatically create an entry on your calendar for the assignment, so that will save you some time keeping your website up to date.

If you need to change anything regarding the assignment, you can edit any assignment by clicking on its name, or the "edit" button to the right. See Figure 8 below:

Figure 8

Repeat this process until you have put in as many assignments as you like.

Course Assignments Page Checklist

If all went well, you should now have on your course assignments page(s):

If you like, you can preview it using the preview icon on the top right (shown in Figure 4 in the section titled "Setting Up a Page"). Otherwise, we can move on to create the next page!

If you have at least three pages completed (Welcome, Calendar, and at least one Course Assignment page), you are done creating your website! Next, you need to give your webmaster (for high schools) or your RHT (all other schools) the link to your site!