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St. Tammany Parish Directory

For information on St. Tammany Parish staff, please go to www.stpsb.org.

2017-18 CHS Administration

all e-mail addresses end in "@stpsb.org"

Administrator Position E-mail Supervising Duties
Robert DeRoche Principal robert.deroche General questions and comments
Joyce Davis Vice Principal joyce.davis In charge of student schedules and courses offered
Jessica Howard Vice Principal jessica.howard In charge of school technology and building maintenance
Paul Morlier Vice Principal paul.morlier In charge of 10th and 11th grade discipline
Belinda Pennison Vice Principal belinda.pennison In charge of 9th grade discipline, clubs and activities
Donald Mathies Administrative Assistant donald.mathies Athletic Director and 12th grade discipline

2017-18 CHS Support Staff

all e-mail addresses end in "@stpsb.org"

Staff Member Position E-mail Supervising Duties
Rhonda Buisson Attendance Office rhonda.buisson Attendance related issues
Angel Carriles Front Office angel.carriles Front office duties
Cindy Cooper Financial Office cindy.cooper All financial duties
Judy Dale In School Suspension judy.dale Runs the in-school suspension program
Kelli Burbach Special Ed Coordinator kelli.burbach In charge of special education issues
Rachael Moore R.N. Nurse rachael.moore Medical/health issues
Marla Pike Front Office marla.pike Front office secretary
Elizabeth Colegrove Transitional Ninth elizabeth.colegrove Transitional ninth graders & at risk students
Matthew Arnold Graduation Coach matthew.arnold Graduation preparation
John Boudreaux SAT/504 Chair john.boudreaux SAT and 504

2017-18 CHS School Counseling Center

all e-mail addresses end in "@stpsb.org"

Staff Member Position E-mail
Kristen Thames 12th Grade Counselor kristen.thames
Alice Broussard 11th Grade Counselor alice.broussard
Heather Stewart 10th Grade Counselor heather.stewart
Allison Hnatyshyn 9th Grade Counselor allison hnatyshyn
Yun Thompson Registrar yun.thompson

2017-18 CHS Teacher Directory

all e-mail addresses end in "@stpsb.org"

Name Department E-mail Website   Name Department E-mail Website
Anthony Adams Special Education anthony.adams     Elsie Jerez Math elsie.jerez
Debra Adams P.E. debra.adams     Doug Johnson ROTC douglas.johnson
Melissa Babin Math melissa.babin   Jennifer Karraker Social Studies jennifer.karraker
Susan Bankston English susan.bankston     Lorena Kennedy Foreign Languages lorena.kennedy
Blaine Basse Math blaine.basse     Mary Koepp Internships mary.koepp
Christine Beauvais P.E. christine.beauvais     Kacie Krulisky Math kacie.krulisky
Scott Becker English scott.becker   Allison Laird Special Education allison.laird
Bonnie Bernstein Foreign Languages bonnie.bernstein   Merrill Lange Math merrill.lange
Jeff Bethel Math jeffrey.bethel   Jessica Lee English jessica.lee2
Jimi Bonnette Science jimi.bonnette     JoAnn Lofton Math joann.lofton
John Boudreaux Science john.boudreaux     Vance Lynch Business richard.lynch
Cedric Bridges Fine Arts cedric.bridges     Donna Mansfield Science donna.mansfield
Stephanie Buchholz Culinary stephanie.buchholz     Steve McCord Automotive Tech steve.mccord
Mary Beth Buckley English marybeth.buckley   Gary Mendoza Fine Arts gary.mendoza  
Kelli Burbach Special Education kelli.bucksbarg     Lindsey Mercante English lindsey.mercante
Lynn Burton Fine Arts lynn.burton   Amanda Milton Social Studies amanda.milton
Kenny Byrd Social Studies Chair kenny.byrd     Donna Naquin English donna.naquin
Leslie Callaway Science leslie.callaway   Neal Naquin Fine Arts neal.naquin
Paula Carter Social Studies paula.carter     Lorrie Neal   lorrie.neal
Melissa Cefalu Science       Cortney Nugent Business cortney.nugent  
Mary Clayton Science mary.clayton   Itzela Nunez Foreign Languages itzela.wauhob  
Nicole Daniels Special Education       Julie Ochoa English julie.cox
Samantha Doyle Math samantha.doyle   Margaret O'Connell Business Chair margaret.o'connell
Jeff Dragg Business jeff.dragg     Lynne Overmier English lynne.overmier
Scott Dupree Social Studies kenneth.dupree     Clare Oviedo Math clare.oviedo
Gina DuRapau Math gina.durapau   Andrew Pennington Social Studies andrew.pennington
Michael Eddy Talented Art       Wendy Picard ESL    
Josh Farquhar English       Robin Pringle Social Studies robin.pringle
Diana Figueroa Foreign Languages       Dale Robeson ROTC elmer.robeson  
Katie Fitzmorris Science katie.fitzmorris2   Kelly Roberts English kelly.roberts
Holly Flattmann Journey for Careers holly.flattmann     Cassandra Rogers English cassandra.rogers3
John Flowers P.E. john.flowers     Ronald Rollins Math ronald.rollins  
Samantha Fontenot P.E.       Mel Rogers Fine Arts mel.rogers  
Chris Garrett PE/ Journey for Careers       Glenn Salter P.E. glenn.salter  
Bridget Gilmore Health bridget.gilmore     Greg Salter P.E. greg.salter  
Stephanie Gomez English stephanie.gomez   Dan Scheer Science daniel.scheer  
Stephanie Goudeau Math Chair stephanie.goudeau   Kenny Schenck Special Education kenneth.schenck  
James Haas Social Studies james.haas     Amy Serigny Math amy.serigny
Lora Haddox Health: CNA lora.haddox     Theresa Sharp Journey to Careers theresa.sharp
Douglas Harper Special Education       Nathan Shoemake Social Studies nathan.shoemake  
Bridget Harrell Social Studies/ JTC       Charlotte Smith Foreign Languages charlotte.watkins
Lee Hebert Social Studies lee.hebertjr     Heidi Steele   heidi.steele  
Shelley Hickman Fine Arts shelley.hickman   Erin Summers Math erin.summers
Meghan Houidobre Science meghan.houidobre     Jeanne Swan Library jeanne.swan
Jennifer Hudmon Business jennifer.hudmon   John Thomas Woodshop john.thomas  
Kim Hunt Science       Steve Turner Science steven.turner
Nicole Huval English nicole.huval   Sarah Walters English sarah.walters2
Jimmy Inman Social Studies james.inman     Ric Watkins Fine Arts Chair ric.watkins  
Hannah Jackson Math hannah.jackson   Jeanne Wilson Distance Learning jeanne.wilson  
Hana Jeansonne Special Education hana.jeansonne     Stella Wood English Chair stella.wood
          Kelly Yazbeck Science    

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