Covington High Football

Saturday, June 28th- Youth Camp! Click here for more details (pdf)!

What a thrilling and exciting football season! In coach Greg Salter's first year as head coach, the 2013 Fighting Lions broke St. Paul's 33-divisional-game winning streak, ended with a winning season and winning district record, were seeded 14th in the playoffs, and beat 19th-seed Airline, 3rd-seed East Ascension, and 11th-seed Central- Baton Rouge during their playoff run. The team made it to the semi-finals for the first time since 1987! The Lions were winning against 2nd-seeded Parkway at halftime, and narrowly lost 28-27 to a team averaging more than 50 points a game and boasts the top ranked offense of all divisions this year!

A special congrats to the senior class! You've set the bar high for all of our future Fighting Lions!

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