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2016 Awards and Achievements

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CHS 2016 Senior Awards

Lionheart Award (Harvey Core)-
Zack Day

Ironman Award (Allie Smith)-
Anthony Ford

Unselfish Player (Scott Salter)-
Grayson Loyd, Gary Rogers

Fire it Up (Henry Ferrer)-
Liam Vincifora, Darrell Myles

12th Man (Eric Byron)-
Henry Chaisson

Most Improved (Justin McLeese)-
Brant Grinnell, Austin Russell

Special Teams (John Marino)-
Devin Jenkins

Perserverance/Adverity (Richard Connerly)-
Kole Parr, Lane Moore

Coaches Award (Chuck Thompson)-
Thomas Jeansonne, Zack Mendheim

Logan Rogers, Aaron Neal

Captains Award-
Zack Day, Anthony Ford, Zack Mendheim, Liam Vincifora

All State- Anthony Ford (1st Team), Devin Brumfield (Honorable Mention)

All Metro- Anthony Ford (1st Team), Devin Jenkins (1st Team)

1st Team All District- Devin Brumfield, Anthony Ford

2nd Team All District- Liam Vincifora, Thomas Jeansonne, Will Wanner, Kole Parr

Honorable Mention All District- Joshua Alfaro, Milton Clark, KeJohn Batiste, Cody Turner, Austin Russell, Zack Day, Trevor Betz, Nick Cotton