Summer 2018

Covington High Summer Assignments

Class and E-mail Assignments
All Chemistry Classes Chemistry 2018-2019
English 1 Honors- Walters English 1 Gifted (pdf); Teacher Website
English 1 Gifted- Rogers English 1 Gifted (pdf)
English 2 Honors- Huval English 2 Honors (pdf); District Summer Reading List (pdf)
English 2 Gifted- Rogers English 2 Gifted (pdf)
English 3 Honors- Becker Teacher Website
English 3 AP- Huval English 3 AP (pdf)
English 4 Honors- Buckley English 4 Honors Reading List (pdf); Writing Assignment, Guidelines, Journal Form; Teacher Website
English 4 AP- Becker Teacher Website
English 101 DE- Wood English 4 Dual Enrolled Reading Assignment (pdf); Considering DE English (pdf); Teacher Website

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