Social Studies

Social Studies Teachers
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Mr. Kenneth Byrd (chair)- Criminal Justice, U.S. History
Paula Carter- Sociology, Psychology, STAR
Scott Dupree- Government Honors
James Haas- World Geography
Brian Hanson- World History Honors, World History
Bridget Harrell- Gifted World Geography, A.P. U.S. History, Honors U.S. History, U.S. History
Lee Hebert- U.S History, Honors U.S History
James Inman- Honors World Geography
Jennifer Karraker- Government
Amanda Milton- Government, Law Studies
Andrew Pennington- World History, World Geography
Theresa Sharp- U.S. History, Civics (R), Journey to Careers
Nathan Shoemake- A.P. World History, Honors World History, World History

Government. A study of the rights, duties, and privileges of citizenship in American society with focus on the structure and function of federal, state, and local governments.

World Geography. A study of world physical and cultural geography.  Emphasis will include the development of geography skills with a focus on the study of world regions and the interdependence of these regions.

World History. A survey course which is a chronological study of Ancient, Medieval and Modern World History.  Using the multidisciplinary approach, World History is a balanced program and not a history of Western Europe.  The first semester examines Prehistoric man through the Renaissance.  The second semester looks at Modern History from 1500 to present times. 

American History. A survey course which begins with a review from the colonial period to the Civil War.  Major emphasis of the course will be from Reconstruction through the 20th Century.

American History (AP). Admission is by application.  Areas considered are grade point average, ACT scores, and teacher recommendations.  A commitment to academic achievement and an agreement tot he time requirements of the course are essential for acceptance.  In an advanced placement course in American History, students will survey American History from 1600 to the present as preparation for the Advanced Placement test.  Emphasis will be on mastering critical thinking, essay writing, and analysis of historical periods and historical interpretations.

American Government. Currently enrolled in or completed American History.  In this course students study the American political system  Emphasis is placed on federal state, and individual rights as well as current events on the local, national, and international levels.

Sociology. This social science course deals with the study of groups, society, and human relationships.  Emphasis is placed on the study of social institutions and current social problems.

Psychology. The study of behavior enables the student to develop a better understanding of self and others.  Areas of study include perception, memory, psychological growth, personality, disturbance and breakdown and psychotherapy.

Law Studies. The study of law.

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