Agriscience Department

Instructors: Peter Cannizzaro and Bryant Laird


Course Offerings

Agriscience I...grade 9-11 1-year elective. This course is an introductory course that allows a student to explore many basic areas of agriculture. FFA leadership, basic plant and animal science, horticulture, food science and entomology are all discussed. A student enrolled in this course may become a member of FFA, at a cost of $10.00.

Agriscience 2...- Grades 10-12 1 year elective. Prerequisite: Agriscience 1. Successful completion of Agriscience 1 and 2 satisfies the third science for graduation. This course is a continuation of Agriculture 1. A more in depth study of plant and animal systems, recordkeeping, horticulture, livestock evaluations and soil science is presented.

Agriscience 3...- Grades 11-12 1 year elective. Prerequisite: Agriscience 1 and 2. This is a specialized training course involving advance beef, crops, poultry, small engines and metal working, swine, horse production, horticulture, FFA leadership, wildlife conservation, agriculture economics, sales and service, and occupational training. A student enrolled must have an Ag-related project and/or an Ag/related job. As well as be a member of the FFA, at a cost of $ 10.00.

Agriscience 4...- Grades 12 1 year elective. Prerequisite: Agriscience 1, 2, and 3. An advanced leadership and agriculture techniques class.

Cooperative Agriscience Education 3... Grades 11-12 1 year elective. 2 units of credit. Prerequisite: Agriscience 1 and 2. Recommendation of teacher. Must be currently enrolled in Agriculture 3. A student must be at least 16 years old. CAE is an early release student in the afternoon for on-the-job training in local businesses. No semester credits are available.

NCCER Core- Pre-Requisite for Welding I. Safety class for the field of welding as a career.

NCCER Welding- Students learn the basics of the welding industry for career-minded students in said field.

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