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CNA Teacher:
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Meghan Houidobre- CNA Teacher

First Responder...Grades 10-12. 1-year elective. In this course the students will learn and understand the critical link between a patient's illness and the care provided by EMS professionals. This is the introductory course in becoming an EMT.

Medical Terminology...Grades 10-12. 1 year elective. In this course students will learn the foundation for listening, reading, speaking, and writing medical terms. The course is recommended for any student interested in pursuing a career in a medical field.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)...Grades 11-12. 1 year elective. Can be Dual-Enrolled. Prerequisite: First Responder and Medical Terminology. This is the foundation for all EMT education. Personnel with this training can perform all the duties of the first responder and assist paramedic level personnel with advanced patient care.

Nursing/ EKG/ PH...Grades 11-12. 1 semester elective. In this course students complete the necessary coursework for the certified nursing assistant and participate in hands-on learning in a hospital setting.

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