Computer Technology

Computer Teachers:
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Richard Lynch- Teaches all classes except those noted below. (Teacher Webpage)
Lindsey Mercante- TeleProduction Technology I and II
Margaret O'Connell- Teaches Web Design

*Computer Architecture, Networking and Administration, Multimedia Productions, Digital Media I and II, and Web Design are all dual-enrolled with the Northshore Technical College. Credit can only be received once between Multimedia Productions, Digital Media I, and Digital Media II.

CISCO Courses

Computer Architecture.Grades 10-12- 1 year elective. This course focuses on the core technologies in hardware maintenance and operating systems. Topics included in the fall are operating systems and installing and upgrading computers. In the spring semester, content focuses on server maintenance. This is a college course offered through CISCO with certification opportunities available.

Computer Networking and Administration. Grades 10-12- 2 year long certification sequence. This is a certification course offered through CISCO. It involves a rigorous two-year long (four semesters) curriculum educating students about network basics, configuring routers and switches, and maintaining computer networks. After completion of four semesters, students are elegible to take a certification test and become CCNA or CCENT certified. Basic knowledge of computers is assumed for all students, one year IBCA highly recommended prior to enrollment.

Video Production Courses

Students interested in a career in film/video production should take Multimedia Productions by their sophomore year, in order to have time to take most courses in this section.

Multimedia Productions. Grades 9-12- 1 year elective. Students learn how to create digital multimedia presentations; includes video and sound editing. Year results in a "video yearbook" where students create their own version of a digitized yearbook called the "Pride of the Lions DVD." After school work is required.

Digital Media I. Grades 10-12- 1 year elective. Pre-Requisites: Multimedia Productions, teacher approval. Digital media is a project-based course that allows students to creatively express themselves through web design, digitalized graphics and audio, print media, digitalized still and motion video, computer animation, and other newly emerging forms of digital media. The course focuses on the systematic design and development of effective, efficient, and appealing visual productions. Students will plan and design production sequences then use various forms of digital media to deliver the production on current computer-based authoring/multimedia software.

Digital Media II. Grade 11, 12- 1 year elective. Pre-Requisites: Digital Media I, teacher approval. Digital Media II is the follow-up to Digital Media I.

TeleProduction Technology I & II. Grades 9-12- 1 year elective. The TeleProduction Technology I & II prepares students for careers in the television, film and Media industry.  Through lecture, lab and studio productions students develop skills in the three production phases: Pre-production, Production, and Post-production. Courses will cover areas such as script writing; studio production (audio & video); field production; on-air presentation; interviewing; and digital editing.  Our emphasis is on exposing students to the wide variety of skills needed to succeed in the broadcast industry. The advanced class is responsible for producing a closed circuit weekly broadcast on our C4 Network.

Website Courses

Web Design. Grades 9-12- 1 Semester Elective. In this course students will learn web page design and maintain the CHS website. Students will master software such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks. Students are expected to have basic computer knowledge coming in to this course.

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